Milo Wilson

Strategic Planning Facilitator

BACKGROUND: Milo was raised on a dairy farm 40 miles south of Buffalo in Delevan, NY. He spent 4 years in the Marine Corps as a saxophonist in the Marine Band before getting out and pursuing God’s calling to full-time Ministry. Milo finished his Masters in Church Ministry from SBC North Greenville University in 2007.  

FAMILY: Milo and his wife, Erin, married in 2001 and have been blessed with five amazing children. Daylia, Hazyl, Josiah, Maia, and Elias. In 2010, Milo and his family walked through the loss of their 8-month-old son Josiah, who died of a rare heart defect called HLHS. During that time they asked God the tough questions. "Why me? Why do you let this happen to our family? Why don't you pick on someone else instead?" Milo believes God is big enough to handle life's hardest times. Randall Church is a safe place to come and struggle. To stumble towards His open arms.

MINISTRY EXPERIENCE: Milo has served in the past as a worship pastor, youth pastor, an outreach pastor, and church planter. After leaving the WNY area to join the Marines 1999, Milo returned home to the WNY region in 2010, with a burning desire from God to see lives changed in Buffalo by the power of Jesus Christ. Milo has been part of planting two churches in Buffalo through the North American Mission Board, as well as one in Greenville, SC before accepting the position as Lead Pastor at Randall in March 2016. "Even though Randall is an established church and a long-term staple in our community, our hope and prayer is that will see new faces, new ideas, and a new outlook on what it means to live a transformed life through the power of Jesus Christ. We want to grow old with you. We believe that God has given us answers and lasting solutions to life's biggest obstacles and challenges. We invite you to join us. We invite you to belong to a church family that champions a heritage of faith for the next generation." Milo is very passionate about seeing churches multiply and grow additional churches to further the Kingdom of God. Milo and Erin love the outdoors and spend a great deal of time mountain biking, skiing, and hiking. It is not uncommon for the entire family to sign up and run a 5k, with the elementary schoolers running on their own, and the little ones cruising along in a jogging stroller. The Wilson's love the Village of Williamsville, and spend a great deal of time involved in various activities. Milo believes that good works are the bridge by which good news can travel. The Gospel of Christ can transform a community. Milo believes he is a difference maker.